Version 1.3.1(12of August 2018
-slight balance changes
-improved score system
-added a "last game score" counter to "avoidance"

Version 1.3(9th of August 2018)
-added new gamemode- "avoidance" - avoid red blocks to gain score
-added new sounds
-minor tweaks to character speed
-removed "FPS" settings

Version 1.2(29 of May 2018)
-improved quit system(again)
-there's now a chance for a little block to pop up: picking it up brings you 3 score
-added levels: each spawns more "evil" blocks and it takes 15 score to get to a new level
-bug fixes

Version 1.1 (21 of May 2018)
-improved quit system
-added sounds/music(Big thanks to the FMA!)
-improved translation
-added icon
-fixed an issue where crashing wouldn't reset the score or the screen
-improved buttons
-added background image in-game
-added basic FPS settings
-gameplay change: The blocks you are not supposed to pick up are smaller and colored in black, green or blue

Version 1.0