Now that you learned the basics of FMSLogo, this is an optional lesson to make your FMSLogo expirience a little more...well...colorful.. Here should a a very coloful intro image...
So, how did I make this? Well, it's quite simple. All you have to do is use the SETPENSIZE command and a number defining the thickness of the pen to set the size of the pen, or just simply use the menu to set the pen thickness. Just click the Set menu, then the Pen Size Menu and pick your favourite thickness. Here should be a pen thickness image (Step 1)

Here should be a peen thickness image (Step 2)..
As you can see in the picture there, there are also some colors...So how do you get those? Well, all you need to do is to use the Set menu and click on the Pen Color menu to pick the color of the pen. You can pick one of the already made colors, or make your own using the RGB (Red Green Blue)code by dragging the 3 draggable pins. Here should be a colorful example of FMSLogo creativity (Step 1)

Here should be a colorful example of FMSLogo creativity (Step 2)
Also, you can change your pen color by using the SETPENCOLOR command and entering the RGB code to change the color. I find it much easier just to use the Set menu. So, now that we learned the colors, let's get into some cool programming!