Square square is quite a simple game, but it can be confusing when you open that colorful screen, but you don't how to even play it, what to do? Don't worry, here's a guide how to play- and have some fun!

As you open the game itself, your computer may ask you if you want to run the program itsef, as I am not a verified publisher.
If you want to play the game, press run, but first read the disclaimer on the download page.
If you decide to press "run", a window similar to this should, in a short time, pop up.

The game's starting screen

The look of the starting screen itself may differ depending on the current version, but you should be able to press "Play!" and play the game. Before you enter the game, you can set your FPS setting.
This is not FPS itself, it's just the number of times you want to refresh your game per second.
There is not a huge difference, and these are temporary buttons,that don't exist as of version 1.3, because 99% of computers could run on 1000 "FPS" on a game like this with no problem.

Anyway, as of version 1.3, there are only 2 mini-games you can play. Every update after 1.3 will bring you at least one new minigame. I would recommend for you to explore the minigames by yourself, but the next paragraph is going to dive mre into them!

When you press the play button, a mini-game is randomly chosen. The first mini-game you can get is Original. This was the first mini-game. You will recognize it by blue "map borders" and the fact that there is a colorful block spawned somewhere on the map, and it doesn't move.

An image describing the parts of the Original gamemode

The red arrows show you that you can use your arrow keys to move the green square. The black arrows is pointing to your score tracker. Try to pick up bigger, yellow, red, or orange blocks while avoiding smaller, green, blue or black blocks. The bright colored blocks will givu you one point, while the darker blocks will "kill" or "crash" you, ending the game.

Also, if you touch the background, you will "crash".

This image shows the "You crashed" message, what occured when I, the green square, collided with the black square. The little orange block is a special one- picking him will give you 3 score. Once (if you) reach 15 score, every block will be deleted, and you will "move" to the next level, which will spawn one more "bad" block per good block picked up. That number keeps increasing. Per level.

But enough about the Original, let's move on to the brand new min-game - Avoidance.

In Avoidance, the goal- as the name suggests, is to avoid the incoming red blocks as long as you can, gaining score for every block dodged. You can move using your UP and DOWN arrow keys, and you gain 1 score per 1 dodged red block.

A picture showing the Avoidance gamemode

The black arrow shows you the direction of block movement, while the red ones show you your possible movement options:up or down.

This concludes our little tutorial, I hope you have fun in the Cube Fields!