Program Basics
Now that we learned how to draw in FMSLogo, it's time to learn something brand new: making your very own programs. How cool is that? Those programs are used to draw something multiple times without those boring command repetitions. So, how do you write programs? Well, it's quite easy and it's in-built, which means you do not need to have any additional plug-ins or other programs to be able to write your own one. So, the first thing you want to do is click the "Edall" Icon in the botom right corner of the screen.

Here should be an image of your first programming step towards being a succesfull FMSLogo Drawer!
Now, you will see a lot of different stuff, so do not be confused, I'll walk you through everything: So, you will end up with a blank screen in which you write programs. But how? Well, just type in commands the same way we did before, just here, we give these commands(program) a name so we can call the program whenever we want to in the regular input space we used to write commands like FD 35. So, every program starts with TO and ends with END. After the TO, in the same line, you write the name of the program, so that you can call it when ever you need it.
Here should be an example of a FMSLogo program
So, here is an example of a program that draws a simple square. So, now that we programmed it, we can just go to the draw space, write SQUARE and the turtle will follow the given intructions (your program) under a certain name.
Here should be an example of executing a program
You can execute any program as many times as you want and you can alter it anyhow at any time, just save and close the programming window by using the Save and Exit option on the File Menu. Play around with this, and as long as you didn't break the program, you haven't played with it strong enough ;) Come to the next lesson when you think you are ready!