The Basics

The most basic commands in FMSLogo are:

Now, let's talk about these command one by one. The FD commands moves the turtle forwards by a certain number of pixels. In this example, it's 100, but you can type in any number you want:

A picture of an Back command example should be here
As you can see, in the little blank space below I typed FD(or Forward) 100 and the turtle moved by 100 pixels. Now, let's move to the BK command. The BK command moves the turtle backwards for a certain number of pixels, in this case, it's 100:

Here should be The Backwards command example.

As you can see, I typed BK 100 and pressed ENTER (You can also press Execute at the bottom right corner if you want to) and the turtle moved 100 pixels back. This is pretty easy, FD, BK... but can you turn the turtle? In fact, you can. By entering the command RT (or right) you can move the turtle right for a certain number of degrees, as shown in this example:

Here shuold be a Right Command FMSLogo example

As presented, I wrote RT 90(the number of degrees) and the turtle moved to the right for a certain number of degrees ,in this case, 90. You can do the same thing, just by using the LT command and therefore moving the turtle a certain number of degrees to the left:

Here should be a Left Command FMSLogo example

As shown, I typed LT(You can also type "Left" if you want to)an the number of degees I want the turtle to move to the left. Now, before we move on, Let's repeat. So, today we learned 4 new commands: So, before we move on, here is a quick task for you to draw in FMSLogo. When you succeed, you will know you have learned and know how and when to use these commands! Try to draw a drawing as shown in the example(the lines above are 45 degrees from each other):

Here should be a picture of your very own first exercise...
Have you done it? Good job! If you didn't please consider downloading FMSLogo here.Also, I would recommend to play with these commands, try to draw something more complex, and come back in a few days. Now, continue exploring FMSLogo and go to The Coloring lesson to learn even more. If that is not interesting to you, you can just go to The Program Basics chapter (the color one is optional)!